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Completely new Batman game hits the market

Posted by on Aug 10, 2016 in Batman, DC Comics, Tell Tale, Video Games | Comments Off on Completely new Batman game hits the market

       The new Batman game is something entirely different from Rocksteady’s Batman series. This gave hope to many Batman fans as the games Rocksteady published didn’t fulfill all the expectations of the fans. The new game has a real potential to become the beginning of the successful Batman series that focus on the characters and the story.

    As any other TellTale game, the Batman Episode 1: Real of Shadows is a story driven game focused on choices and the conversation. This game also focuses on Bruce Wayne, his life as Batman and as a person in general. The first episode has its roots in the early history of the Batman, but it also incorporates some new things from later lore. In this game, the player will have to deal with Harvey Dent who runs for the position of the major. The race for the post is being complicated by Carmine Falcone whose aim is to gain control of the city administration through money and bribes. Al along that time a cat burglar is cleaning the safes throughout the Gotham.

   The gameplay in The Real of Shadows is a standard telltale combat system. It involves finishing move meter that fills through quick-time event fight system. When the meter fills you end the fight scene with a typical Batman type of the finishing move. Failure to full the meter won’t cause loss, except the loss of the visual joy you get from the finishing moves.

   The game has a pretty slow start packed with speeches and conversations. Some of them have interesting themes while others just bore the player. The first episode of the Batman is split into two types of gameplay, choice-riddled conversations, and combat, both physical and mental.

   The slow start fades away in the mid game where they gameplay becomes more interesting as the plot thickens. The tension rises and the game shines. The best situations involve Bruce and other characters battling on a mental level, through intrigue and wordplay.

    Contrary to a stone-like personality of the Batman in both movies and previous games, the Batman in the Telltale game has an east and wry sense of humor. This will take some time to get used to as we all know Batman as a character with no feelings. This sense of humor makes the scenes flow nicely, and every player will appreciate it.

    The beauty of this game is the choices the player has. The player can choose how his character will act towards everyone around, no matter whether they are cops, criminals or friends. Your Batman can be a cruel vigilante, or he can be someone who tries to work with cops to bring the criminals to the justice.

    As every previous Batman game, this game also has some compatibility issues with PC. It took over three months to developers to adapt the last Batman game to the PC, and it looks like it will be the same as this one. Steam and forums are packed with players who complain about this Batman game. They say it is impossible to play it on the PC, and they list frames per second and resolution.

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